Tips For Dog Bite Prevention

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A common misconception is that the breed of dog determines the likelihood of getting bit. It is more dependent on the individual history and behavior of the pet. The case with most dog bites are they almost always are preventable.

Dogs can feel the need to bite for a handful of reasons. Similar as you would respond with no thank you, or please stop, in a stressful situation.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dog Bites?


Introduce your furry friend to other people and animals as a puppy. The more experiences your puppy has the more comfortable your dog should feel as he or she matures.

Responsible Pet Ownership

You can be a responsible pet owner by selecting a breed that is proper for your lifestyle. That includes things like; home environment, time for exercise, and training.


Educate not only yourself but those around you on how or if you should approach a dog.

Avoid Risky Situations

Recognizing when it is appropriate to approach or avoid interaction with a dog. Always ask a dog’s owner before approaching or petting their dog. You should avoid approach if there is a dog without its owner present . If you wouldn’t want to be touched during an activity there is a very strong chance your dog wouldn’t either.  You can find a list of some scenarios by clicking here.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Like recognizing human body language, a dog’s body language can give you clues on how they are feeling. It is important to know that because a dog is wagging its tail does not mean it is happy, or comfortable. To find more tips on reading a dog’s body language, click here.

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