Mobile Vet Care in Chesterfield, MI

What is Mobile Vet Care?

For some fur babies, a trip to the veterinarian can be a stressful and anxiety filled experience – the ride in the car, the loud noises, and plethora of commotion. Vets2U, our mobile vet service, is a way for your pet to get the veterinary care it needs in the comfort of your own home!

Wow, that sounds cool! You’re saying I don’t have to get off my couch and my pet can still get care?

Yup! We’ll have our spectacular veterinarian and veterinary assistant team come right to your front door! Being mobile, our appointments are flexible and can be planned around your busy schedule!

We do our exams IN HOME, not in a van or truck, which can be just as stressful as a trip to the vet office. From the porch to the backyard to the bathroom, we are able to have the exam wherever your fur baby feels the most comfortable.

We don’t even need a table; we are perfectly comfortable working at their level. 

My cat hides when people come over, what do I do then? 

Not an issue! We will give you a call before heading to your appointment. That is the perfect time to corral your feline friend into their kitty carrier or into a room where there aren’t many small nooks and crannies to hide in. 

What Services Does a Mobile Vet Provide?

We bring all of the necessary equipment right to you! We can do almost any treatment that you can get at a regular veterinary clinic. Read the list below to see what we can do for you!

    • Canine Wellness Care
    • Feline Wellness Care
    • Cat and Dog Vaccinations
    • Sick/injured Care
    • Heartworm Test, Prevention, & Treatment
    • Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment
    • X-Rays
    • Diet and Prescription Food Consultations
    • Sedation
    • Blood/fecal/urine lab testing
    • In-home euthanasia 
    • End of Life/Hospice Care 

Mobile Vet Care is Perfect for Older Pets

Another great benefit for using a mobile vet is for our senior babies. As they get older, getting into the car is more of a struggle, and hanging around the rambunctious puppies in the waiting room is not always an ideal situation. We can come right to your senior baby and help guide them through their golden years. 

End of life care is important to us. We want to help provide the most comfortable way for you to say goodbye. We provide individualized euthanasia services.

We partner with Faithful Companion cremation service. They can pick your pet up from your house.  They also offer a wide variety of remembrance keepsakes and urns. 

Schedule Your Mobile Vet Visit in Chesterfield, MI

Just give Justin at Vets2U a call at 586-270-4430 and we will discuss a date and time that works best for you! We look forward to seeing you then!

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Your furry family member is one of a kind, and we would love to provide them with a treatment plan as unique as they are!

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