Advanced Abdominal Ultrasound

So what is the difference between a general and an advanced abdominal ultrasound? 

Advanced Abdominal Ultrasounds are a more in-depth look at an animal’s abdomen. It requires training, and will be used when other tests or procedures require a closer look at what is going on inside a pet’s abdomen. A general ultrasound will generally cover major organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, and bladder as well as check the abdomen for any free fluid. 

Advanced abdominal ultrasound sounds fancy, is there someone specific I should schedule my appointment with? 

Once it is decided that advanced abdominal ultrasound is necessary, an appointment should be scheduled with Dr. Periat at Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital. Dr. Periat has had advanced training and, while not board certified, can also do some advanced techniques-taking a closer look and aspirating masses, evaluate organ function, etc. Dr. Periat also participated in training and classes through Sontec.

Please don’t hesitate to give Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital a call with any questions at (586)416-8800!

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